Lucy L.G. 25. Denver. Iowa City. Seoul.
I will not say the Day is done, nor bid the Stars farewell.
(LOTR:ROTK, Book Six, Ch.I)


I just realized that when I go back to Korea I’ll get to see Jinsu again.
That kid. Such a derp. I miss him. ^ This was my good-bye present to him. I gave him food word magnets because he became famous for being able to eat everything and still be hungry.

(Also incredibly excited to see my other former Global Buddies, too. Gyah!)

9:37pm · Sunday, August 26th, 2012 · 3 notes
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  1. receiving-light said: When are you going back?!? I want to go so bad… I may go after graduating in 2014. EPIK is a possibility. ^^
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